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The SCW table is inspired by large parmesan cheese wheels, as well as the wire used to cut them. Executed in cast bronze, the tables can come in a variety of sizes and finishes.

There’s also a value engineered version in solid white pine. The top is finished with tung oil, and the bottom is in a yakisugi finish.

Panel Comments

Ross: It’s perfect, sculptural, practical and fun which is uncommon!  I would not change a thing. I’d buy it today!

Ryan: This is my favorite coffee table.  It is equally strong both in the bronze version and in the wood version.  It would be helpful to understand the anticipated dimensions, as bronze, too large, could be prohibitively expensive to produce, and therefore ever to sell.  You don’t want to make one of these that costs a fortune and therefore no one ever buys it….  In terms of the wood, I think it would be important to make the two wedges out of glued up solid wood, sort of like butcherblock, rather than out of veneer, as I think seeing how the curves of the top and sides interact with the wood grain is the magic of this piece….  Also, moving this thing needs to be thought through.  One, it needs hidden leveler feet below it, so that it can sit on an uneven surface without teetering.  But, more than that, how do the two pieces physically attach?  I would normally think that they should be attached to one another so that you could pick up the table in one piece.  But, it could also potentially be interesting if they moved – kind of up or down at the angle you have drawn – but could change the overall height of the table….  Just a thought.  Still it’s my favorite.

Kelly: Love hearing the inspiration for this table, very evocative!  The piece is nicely scaled and the composition feels classic and timeless, I could see it working in a multitude of room schemes and styles.  While the bronze is chic I actually prefer the “value engineered” version in wood, it has a warmer and more tactile quality. My only question is how it looks from various angles, primarily the opposite side of this current view – is the relationship between the forms still discernible/pleasing?

Eve: I really like this design and think both the metal and wood versions work well. I like how the two curved volumes nestle gently resting on each other. Aside from finding the Parmesan cheese inspiration a bit odd (and not that appealing), my only other suggestion would to make sure that the overall height is not too low so that it can be used with a standard sofa seat height.

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