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Name of Design: Stretch!

Inspiration: The unexpected and extreme changes in human relationships inspired me to create a design that represents the mental struggles of social distancing. The result is an organic shaped piece that focuses on still life movement and texture specifically one of stretching dough when being divided in half.

The Stretch! cocktail table comes standard with a 1/2’’ thick organically shaped glass top and metal finish of polished bronze. The top can also be customized with other materials such as translucent onyx and marble. The metal finish can be polished and dark bronze or with patinas in off white or green.

As shown (prototype):

1:400 (ratio)

Metal structure:

Height: 14’’
Length: 42’’
Depth: 23’’

Metal finish: polished bronze
Top structure:
Length: 47’’
Depth: 20’’
Material: glass

Panel Comments

Kelly: Parmesan meet dough – another clever food inspiration! I like the reference being tied back to our current world and the sense of tension and literal “pull” we are all experiencing.  Since it is being shown with a glass top I would like to understand a bit better  what the view is from directly overhead, and something about the scale of the glass top, both its thickness and amount of overhang begins the base’s margins feels too small. The description states 1/2” thick glass top but it’s not telegraphing that way in the rendering.

Eve: I like the materials and I like the inspiration. The rendering has a little bit of an ET feeling to it. Maybe the stretch areas could be massaged to be a little less extra-terrestial?

Ryan:  I like this a lot.  The scale is right – and the measurements called out are good and practical.  It’s like dough or silly putty or something – which most of us have pulled apart at some point.  So, it feels familiar in a good way.  A couple of thoughts – I think that it could teeter on a little too organ-like if you weren’t careful – like someone being pulled apart.  And, one way that that may be avoided is to have a few less “stretchers” or to vary the thickness of them – a couple thicker and girthier ones and then a couple that are smaller and more delicate?  Also, I think in polished bronze, you have to think about a couple things – this would cost a lot to make, and therefore to buy – and the point is to sell this thing.  So, there’s a limit.  And, polishing bronze requires those surfaces to be accessible to be polished – you have to be able to get your hand or a finishing sander in there to polish them – another reason for fewer or more intentionally spaced stretchers.  Also, I think that you should consider showing this with an oval top, rather than an amoeba shaped top.  I think organic edges of the table base are brought in to clearer view when shown next to a precise oval.  The amoeba on amoeba thing makes it a little less modern to me – and more crafty….?  Oh, and be sure to design in hidden leveling feet on this, as no floor is totally level, and this thing touching the floor in too many spots will make the glass top teetery.

Ross: The sculptural base is anxiety inducing for me. Maybe in the off white or green patina I might not need a Xanax.

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