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A cocktail table can be many things, in this instance it’s simple, functional, elegant, but sexy.

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Kelly: This piece has a nice/classic feel, but without materials called out it’s difficult to fully engage with it. Given an artful mix of materials and finishes it could be lovely, While I appreciate a good hand sketch like this I would suggest resolving this a bit further and including proposed dimensions.

Ross: Handsome and stoic, I’m intrigued to know why the bands that wrap the frame on the long side of the table don’t repeat on the short side.

Eve: There is a lot of potential in this design but I am curious to find out more. Materials need to be labeled as well as dimensions. Proportion is everything and is am struggling to know what these are. The legs and rails may look a little thick.

Ryan: This is a smart looking table.  What size is it, ideally?  What is it made of?  I think that should be called out.  I can see this made of wood, with all wood details and a top floating above it in glass that shows the joinery, etc.  I can see it being made of metal – even two different metals – one for the frame and one for the “straps”.  Where is the top in relation to the top of the sides?  It’s hard to tell based on the drawing if it sits within the frame or if it floats above on the tops of the raised straps?  The straps could also be thought of as leather or something like that that sort of holds the top in place.  Or, maybe the whole thing is plaster or parchment – where the surface itself becomes critical to the design.  You know, if this were white plaster, it would be very different than if it were cerused oak and leather, or very different still if it were made of multiple colors of formica-like laminate.  Is the top being transparent critical to the design?  Or translucent – maybe that’s more what your drawing conveys?  What if it were solid – and sat a little off the top of the straps somehow so that the connection between frame and top had a little breathing room?

Though it’s good to give customers leeway to think of their own way to interpret this, I think a little more detail from the designer will make this have a point of view and therefore speak to more customers.

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