Chrysler Cocktail Table by José Martínez-Medina for JMM

Cocktail / Coffee / Office / Lobby Tables

Chrysler Cocktail Table by José Martínez-Medina for JMM

The Chrysler Cocktail Tables feature tops in either black back lacquered glass or black marble. The lower base features a colored stainless steel perimeter band with a body in matte lacquer available in a variety of colors. The Chrysler is available in three different sizes/heights. Made in Spain by JMM.

Tall: Width 27.5″ Depth 27.5″ Height 13.7″

Medium: Width 39.3″ Depth 39.3″ Height 9.8″

Short: Width 39.3″ Depth 39.3″ Height 6.6″


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Size Options

Beige Cappuccino MatteBeige Cappuccino Matte
Beige Stone MatteBeige Stone Matte
Black MatteBlack Matte
Blue Cloud MatteBlue Cloud Matte
Blue Flight MatteBlue Flight Matte
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Black Back Lacquered GlassBlack Back Lacquered Glass
Neolith Marquina Black MarbleNeolith Marquina Black Marble
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Size Options

Tall, Medium, Short

Matte Lacquer Options | JMM Matte Lacquer Options

Beige Cappuccino Matte, Beige Stone Matte, Black Matte, Blue Cloud Matte, Blue Flight Matte, Blue Night Matte, Blue Sky Matte, Blue Summer Matte, Brown Bugatti Matte, Brown Caldara Matte, Graphite Matte, Green Harrods Matte, Green Toscana Matte, Grey Concrete Matte, Grey Emporio Matte, Grey Ritz Matte, Orange Hermes Matte, Red Calder Matte, Tortola Matte, White Dull Matte, White Frost Matte, Yellow Cream Matte

Top Options | Chrysler Cocktail Tables

Black Back Lacquered Glass, Neolith Marquina Black Marble

Stainless Steel Options

Black, Bronze, Gold


Base Model

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