The Kenmare Mirror by WUD

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The Kenmare Mirror by WUD

The Kenmare Mirror by WUD is special collaboration with designer Melanie Morris and features a frame in and fluted area both in wood which are available in a variety of finishes. The Kenmare is available in three diameters. Fully customizable. Made in USA. The fluting on the mirror is only available in Oak. Gold leaf is the standard trim.

D 42” / D 2” 

D 48” / D 2” 

D 56” / D 2” 

As shown: Oxidized Ambrosia Maple Frame / Black White Oak Fluted Banding / Gold Leaf Inset

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Additional Customization Options AvailableAdditional Customization Options Available
Black Walnut Brown SatinBlack Walnut Brown Satin
Claro Walnut Clear SatinClaro Walnut Clear Satin
Ambrosia Maple Oxidized SatinAmbrosia Maple Oxidized Satin
Black Walnut Bleached MatteBlack Walnut Bleached Matte


42", 48", 56"

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Additional Customization Options Available, Ambrosia Maple Oxidized Satin, Black Walnut Bleached Matte, Black Walnut Brown Satin, Black Walnut Clear Finish Satin, Black Walnut Oxydized Satin, Claro Walnut Clear Satin, White Oak Black Matte, White Oak Black Satin, White Oak Brown Satin, White Oak Charred Matte, White Oak Grey Cerused Matte, White Oak Oxidized Satin, White Oak Whitewashed Satin


Base Model

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