Yann Dessauvages

Yann Dessauvages was born in Brussels in 1989 and is a Belgian autodidact artist-designer. As the child of a teacher and a metalworker, he grew up in a house with a workshop, where he created his first metal sculptures at the age of 16. He started his professional life working in a vintage gallery, where the sculptural furniture of designers like Armand Jonckers and Ado Chale struck him. Their capacity to transform brass, copper and semi-precious stones into glamorous, sophisticated objects inspired Yann to begin to work on honing his skills as a metal smith. His first furniture experiments where in recycled tin. Later he refined his style by using brass and stone. Without a formal background in art or design, Yann Dessauvages creates his furniture by intuitively sculpting the materials in his workshop. The references to organic, planetary or geological forms come from his unbiased imagination. More than a collection of tables, he creates a coherent oeuvre that mixes functionality and art, object and subject, tradition and innovation.

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